Brian C. Bohman, DMD, MBA

Though Dr. Bohman is not a Colorado native, he got here as soon as he could! The field of orthodontics is perfect for him because it blends his love of science and technology with his joy of working with people. Dr. Bohman decided to pursue orthodontics when he was just 12 years old after witnessing a friend of his go through treatment and seeing that friend’s increase in confidence. He decided then that if he could be part of that process for others, what a rewarding career that would be.

When Dr. Bohman is not with his office family, he can be found spending time with his wife, Ashley, and their two children. He is likely to be cheering on the sidelines at baseball games or holding his breath while his daughter performs aerial dance. He also spends a lot of time outdoors hiking and camping with his family and is an avid fan of the Broncos and Rockies (you may run into him at a game!). Just don’t challenge him to a sing off if it involves “Ice Ice Baby”, because he knows every line!

Meet Our Team

We have the world’s most amazing, talented and caring orthodontic team. We pledge to treat every patient with the same dedication and level of care that we treat our own families. Please take a moment to learn about these amazing individuals that make up our team!

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Your First Visit

Every smile that we create starts with a free consultation. At this appointment, it is our chance to get to know you and find out what your main concerns are. This is a no-pressure visit with Dr. Bohman to see if orthodontic treatment is needed, if now is the right time for treatment, and what the treatment options are for your specific treatment needs. In order to properly diagnose your malocclusion (how your teeth fit together), we will do the following at this appointment:

  • Photographic records of your teeth
  • Panoramic radiograph
  • Cephalometric radiograph

In addition to these records, Dr Bohman will also spend one-on-one time discussing the diagnosis and plan going forward. Our treatment coordinator will also go over your insurance coverage and our flexible, no-interest financing options.

Dr. Bohman and his team try to make your first visit as educational as possible. We want to make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done and why. When you leave the office, you will have all of your questions answered!

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